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Letter to Dwight Adair

Dwight“When Bob Wills played and danced and jive-talked in the dance halls of the Southwest, his music kept a desperate but determined populace on its feet. He kept their dreams alive.” – Dwight Adair

Austin-based film producer and director, Dwight Adair, has devoted a lifetime to mastering the art of storytelling through film. Thankfully, for everyone who loves Bob Wills, Dwight’s driving passion (next to his family) has been and continues to be the telling of the Bob Wills story. Today, and after many years of study and involvement, Dwight is a known Bob Wills’ historian and collector. He and Wills’ biographer, Dr. Charles Townsend, are the two foremost contributors toward keeping the Bob Wills dream alive.

On behalf of the Estate of Bob Wills and the Bob Wills Heritage Foundation, we especially want to thank Dwight for his many years of devotion, creativity and service. Bob Wills had extraordinary abilities to re-envision and re-invent; innovation was a true hallmark of his legacy and, clearly, Dwight reflects all of these.

Currently, Dwight serves on the board of the Bob Wills Heritage Foundation and is a valued consultant and media professional. He produced the award-winning ‘Faded Love’ official documentary and is the producer/provider of

Thank you, Dwight, for your vision, your energy and your enduring passion!

The Estate of Bob Wills & the Bob Wills Heritage Foundation